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What are the Honor 50 charging protocol-which charging protocols are compatible with Honor 50

Honor 50 This mobile phone provides users with Snapdragon 778G processors, which can provide users with good mobile phones with a good charging speed of 66W, which can provide users with a good mobile phone charging speed, bringing good good good What are the protocols support for this mobile phone?

What are the Honor 50 charging protocols?

Fast charging wired charging: mobile phone supports the maximum super fast charging 11V/6A, compatible with 10V/4A super fast charging.

The actual charging power will change with different scenarios with different scenarios, please refer to the actual.

Innovative single -batteries dual -circuit trigeline design schemes, reduce impedance and heat consumption, increase the equivalent capacity of batteries, provide stronger battery life, and bring amazing 66 -watt charging power. 4300 mAh batteries are charged to 70%in 20 minutes, and 45 minutes can be fully charged.


Multi -mirror video, front and rear lens renewal, fast and slow action renewal, interesting story will not be CUT;

[Super fast charge]

66W Super fast charge, no need to wait for beauty;


front 3200W, the rear 100 million pixel super clear lens, live up to the beautiful scenery;


6.57 -inch OLED screen, one billion color depth, returning to true.

PS: This phone focuses on the face value. At the same time, it provides users with good mobile phone Vlog to take pictures, bringing a good mobile phone 100 million pixel photo experience, which is worth starting.