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Is iqoo8 a screen screen-how is the screen performance?

As a gaming phone, IQOO8 is absolutely powerful to help friends experience first -class performance feelings. So what kind of screen will it be equipped in this phone? What does the screen look like? Now I will introduce it to you.

1. Is IQOO8 be a screen screen

IQOO8 as a gaming phone, using a straight screen design, which greatly reduces the error and brings you better to you better. The game experience.

Quick screen advantage

1. Conquering the sense of grip of the human body

The curved screen design adopted by the mobile phone can bring the little partner to the mobile phone’s grip, with the withdrawal, bring it with Come to a more outstanding performance experience

2. The thickness is lower, more energy saving

The screen mobile phone is a flexible screen adopted in most cases. Technology, with lower energy consumption, thinner and thinner

3. Higher value, more comfortable visual sense

The appearance of the fashionable fashion can attract the attention of friends, in line with Your aesthetic concept

2. How about the performance of IQOO8 screen

IQOO8 this phone will use a 6.62 -inch AMOLED screen, 2K screen

support up to 144Hz high refresh Rate and 480Hz touch sampling rate allows friends to enjoy the smoothest picture feel.

And it is also very likely to use the screen material of E4, bringing more comfortable visual enjoyment to your eyes.

The screen surface uses Corning Gorilla Glass Victus glass, which increases by 1.5 times the anti -falling resistance, and the scratch resistance is doubled, which greatly improves the screen hardness and toughness.

Purchase suggestion

IQOO8, as a mobile phone specifically for the game, can definitely bring a first -class performance experience to the friends, accompanied by his cool appearance, and his cool appearance,, his cool appearance, which is a cool appearance. Let your friends experience first -class performance feelings.