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Is iqoo8 a 2K screen-what is the screen resolution?

IQOO8 is a game mobile phone that can bring a strong performance experience to the friends. Under the blessing of the Snapdragon 888Plus, it can definitely bring you a first -class comfortable experience. What is the resolution? Is it a 2K screen!

1. Is Iqoo8 a 2K screen

IQOO8 This phone has changed the resolution of the IQOO mobile phone. Finally, it was on the 2K screen. We bring a good visual enjoyment

It is reported that this phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 888Plus, which can definitely bring a very comfortable first -class experience to the friends.

Snapdragon 888Plus provides users with u0026 ldquo; 1x Cortex-X1 @ 2.995GHz 3X Cortex-A78 @ 2.42GHz 4X Cortex-A55 @ 1.80GHz u0026 RDQUO; ]
In addition, this phone still has various excellent game functions. With a 2K screen, it is definitely allowing you to easily play various large games.

Editor’s comment

IQOO8 This phone in the blessing of the Snapdragon 888Plus, the performance is definitely first -class. In addition, he still has a variety Can be grasped with both hands.