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IQOO8 has 3.5mm headphone jacks-how to insert the headset

IQOO8 This phone provides users with Snapdragon 888+ processor, which can provide users with a good 5G performance experience. At the same time, it also provides users with a charging speed of 120WDoes the phone have headphone jacks?Here I will bring you the latest mobile phone information.

Is there a headset hole in Iqoo8?

This phone does not provide users with 3.5mm headphone jacks.

How do Iqoo8 insert the headset?

IQOO 8 This phone In order to reduce the opening of the fuselage, it is simple and integrated. There is no 3.5mm headphone interface.The headset is inserted into the bottom interface.

In fact, users can use a 3.5mm rotor or Type u0026 NDASH; C headset output high fidelity audio.

PS: IQOO8 does not accompany Type-C headphones or 3.5mm rotary wiring. These users who need need to prepare themselves.