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Huawei P50Pro supports wifi6-how to set wifi6

The requirements of modern society’s friends on network performance are getting higher and higher. So does Huawei P50Pro support the function of WIFI6? How do we need to set WiFi6 again, friends must all want to know, now I will introduce it to you.

1. Huawei P50Pro supports WIFI6

Huawei P50Pro This phone supports WIFI6, which can bring a better performance experience to the friends

What about what is it It is wifi6

WiFi6 is the naming rule proposed by the Wireless Network Standard WiFi Alliance. It changed 802.11ax to WiFi6 and released in 2019. The performance of WiFi6 is better, and its maximum network speed can reach 9.6Gbps, optimizing the uplink of signal.

What are the advantages of wifi6

1. Reduce the delayed modulation method, upgrade Offdm -u0026 GT; OFDMA

2. Increase transmission data, upgrade encoding method 256 -QAM -u0026 GT ; 1024-QAM

3. Increase the number of network devices connecting the number of antennas 4×4-u0026 gt; 8×8

4. Enhance the multi-user concurrent experience MU-MINO uplink-u0026 gt; up and down; up and down

2. How to set wifi6

1. We first need to open u0026 quot; set u0026 quot;

2. In it, friends can find u0026 ldquo; wireless Internal LAN u0026 rdquo; Click him

3. Then select the wifi to be connected to enter the password.

Purchase suggestion

Huawei P50Pro This phone is a flagship phone with a very good camera performance. It can definitely bring you a strong performance experience. It is worthy of our expectation Oh.