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How to set up access to Honor 50pro-Where to set the access control card function

Honor 50Pro, this mobile phone provides users with a mobile phone performance of the Snapdragon 778G, can provide users with a good mobile phone 5G performance experience, and at the same time provides users with a good mobile phone MagicUI design, with good mobile phone NFC function, then this phoneHow to set the access card function?Here I will bring you the latest mobile phone operation tutorial.

How to set up an access card for Honor 50Pro?

1. Open the wallet app, click the card bag

2. Click the+number in the upper right corner, click the access card

3. Click the simulation physical access card

4. Put the access control card in the mobile phone NFC function sensing area.

PS: The above is the latest tutorial on the use of Honor 50PRO for everyone, which can better assist users for mobile phone operations.