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How to close HD calls in iqoo7-how to close

IQOO7 will turn on high -definition call by default. Although high -definition calls can provide users with better call effects, they also consume power when they are turned on. Let me introduce how to turn off the high -definition call of Iqoo7!

How to turn off the hd of Iqoo7

1. Open the phone, we find that there is a HD logo next to the wifi, indicating that the high -definition call is turned on.

2. Click u0026 ldquo; Set u0026 rdquo;.

3. Click u0026 ldquo; more u0026 rdquo; options.

4. Click u0026 ldquo; mobile network u0026 rdquo; option.

5. Then click the position in the red box.

6. Close this option.

7. Back, you will find that the HD logo will be gone, indicating that it has been successfully closed.


IQOO7 is a very good performance mobile phone, equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, which can bring users a very good sense of experience. At the same time, it supports high brushes and provides users with more more brushes. Good screen display effect is worth starting!