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How much is the brightness adjustment of Realme True GT Master?

Realme True GT Master Edition is a mid -range positioning mobile phone. Under the blessing of the Snapdragon 778G, you can bring a stable performance experience to your friends. What kind of visual experience can we bring to us? Now I will introduce it to you.

1. Details of the screen

Realme True GT Master version?

Appearance screen size

6.43 inches main screen material

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Main screen resolution

2400×1080 pixels

Brightness adjustment

10240 level screen refresh rate


Other screens of other screens Parameter 1000NIT Peak Brightness,

2. For details analysis

Realme True GT Master Edition a mobile phone with a new appearance. He supports 10240 brightness adjustment, more perfect visual fusion Effect

3. How much is the peak brightness

6.43 inches, 2400*1080 resolution, 120Hz high brush.

Three -finger 480Hz touch sampling rate, 1000nit peak brightness, is definitely a better visual sense for friends, meet your game needs

Xiaobian comment
[ 123] Realme True GT Master Edition, as a balanced mobile phone, can still bring you a good experience in the Snapdragon 778G processor, and it still has a stylish appearance, which is worth looking forward to.