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How much is Samsung Galaxyzflip3 running-run score details

Samsung Galaxyzflip3 This phone is a folding mobile phone with a very good performance. It can definitely bring you a first -class performance experience. So how much running performance is this phone, what kind of performance can you bring to you What about experience? Now I will introduce it to you.

One. How much is the score of Samsung Galaxyzflip3

Samsung Galaxyzflip3 This phone is extremely equipped with Snapdragon 888, which is very first -class

It is understood that this phone is this phone. The single -core score is 1124 points, and the multi -core score is 3350 points. ,

2.84GHz X1 super large core X1+2.4GHz A78 large core X3+1.8GHz A57 small core X4?, GPU model is Adreno 660.

Adreno660 is a standard GPU used by the standard flagship phone, which can provide users with good GPU performance, stronger than ARM Mali-G68, which can provide users with good mobile phone graphics processing capabilities and bring more more Quick data processing speed.

Performance summary

Samsung Galaxyzflip3 This phone has a very powerful performance experience under the blessing of the Snapdragon 888. At the same time Bring a comfortable experience.