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How about Honor 50SE 100 million pixels?

Honor 50SE is a brand new Tianji 900 mobile phone. It provides users with 100 million pixel main photography. It can provide users with a good mobile phone camera performance experience. At the same time Come to a good mobile phone camera performance experience.

How about taking pictures of Honor 50SE 100 million pixels?

Honor 50 SE not only has a ultra -narrow border design, but also continues the aesthetic gene of the Honor 50 series.

Honor 50 SE also adopts a unique dual -mirror design, paying tribute to the German Optical Factory Lu Lai, and makes the appearance unique and highly recognizable.

There are also three types of bright black, charm sea blue, and streamer mirror in color matching

A 100 million ultra -high pixel lens above, F/1.9 aperture, the light sensing area reached 1 /1.52 inches, and supports pixel 9 -in -1 technology; below is an 8 -megapixel 112 u0026 deg; wide -angle lens and a 2 -megapixel macro lens; on the side is a LED flash.

It can be seen that in terms of performance at night, the Honor 50 SE is better controlled by light and noise. The inhibitory of highlights is in place. At the same time The painting traces of the photo are very good.

In the case of sufficient light during the day, the performance of the Honor 50 SE is also quite powerful. The white balance is accurate, and the color tuning is very close to the real color seen by the naked eye.

At the same time, with the advantages of 100 million pixels, it has a good performance in terms of resolution. Whether it is the details of the picture and the color reduction, the performance is very good.

The characteristics of Honor 50 SE are distinctive. The 120Hz screen refresh rate, 100 million pixel cameras and 66W super fast charging have made it strongly competitive at the price segment of 2000-2500 yuan.