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Honor 50PRO battery is not durable-Is it fast?

Honor 50Pro, this mobile phone provides users with a new mobile phone 66W charging speed, can provide users with a good 4000 mAh battery of a good mobile phone. This phone is also a 5G mobile phone, which provides users with a 120Hz screen display. Is the battery of the mobile phone durable? I will bring you the latest evaluation here.

Is the Honor 50PRO battery durable?

The battery life of this phone is still available.

This time the Honor 50 Pro was plugged into a large 4000mAh battery in the thickness of 8.05mm, and the weight of the whole machine was only 187G.

This time the Honor 50 Pro’s u0026 ldquo; skill point u0026 rdquo; directly pull, give 100W super fast charge.

According to the data tested by the Honor Laboratory, we can know that the 4000mAh battery of the Honor 50 Pro is 25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity of 45-80%. Starting from 3%of the power, the screen is charged at the standby state, and it can be charged to 90%in 20 minutes, and it can be fully fully charged in 25 minutes.

Under the conditions of the daily usage scenarios, we charged (room temperature 25 ° C), use the original charger and charging cable, and turn off the screen to charging at the standby state. 29 minutes.

According to our actual measurement results, start fast charging from 2%of the remaining power (ensure that the mobile phone does not automatically shut down due to the low power, and at the same time, the fast charge protocol can shake hands), the remaining power at 5 minutes has returned to 32% At 10 minutes, the mobile phone power has been more than half, reaching 55%, and charging to 75%in 15 minutes. It is basically a more reassuring safety power range. When it is charged to 24 minutes, the power of the phone display has reached 100%. The entire charging process is very fast.

As a reference, we also chose the game as a typical high load scene to test the endurance performance of the Honor 50 Pro. The test game is “Peace Elite”, and the highest picture quality is “ultra -high -definition+extreme frame rate+anti -aliasing open+shadow opening”.

In the actual game process, the Honor 50 Pro maintains a smooth process, the frame rate is almost pulled out of a straight line, the fluctuations are very small, the average frame rate has reached 59.9fps, and the time proportion of 58fps has reached 99.6 %.

After 30 minutes of high -quality game, Honor 50 PRO power fell from 22%to 10%, consuming a total of 12%, and the simply conversion of the same intensity game was about 24%of the power. Consider considering Until the 100W super fast charging it is equipped, that is, in the state of full picture quality, it can easily meet continuous games for more than 1 hour for 5 minutes. This battery life and fast charge should be very reassuring

Large -capacity batteries that can realize high fast charging power in a light and light body, and because of the single -core dual -circuit solution used by the Honor 50 Pro, compared to the current dual -battery commonly used in ultra -high power fast charging,The plan, because the space and loss of the battery spin -off are avoided, the single -core scheme can achieve a smaller volume, and because there is no problem with the aging degree of the two battery cells of the dual battery cell, there is no consistency.Advantage.

At the same time, in order to further improve the efficiency, the Honor 50 Pro also upgraded the multi -electrode core core process to reduce battery impedance, and adopted a more advanced 4: 1 charge pump to improve the charging power.

The superposition of many advanced technologies allows the Honor 50 Pro to achieve a safe and efficient 100W super fast charging in the slim body.The insights of consumer demand have achieved a better product experience.