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Does Xiaomi CC11Pro have a 3.5mm headphone jack? Where is the headset jacket?

Xiaomi CC11Pro is a mobile phone that can bring a powerful camera to the friends. It can definitely bring a good feeling of taking pictures. So as a camera mobile phone, what kind of headphone jack does he use? Is it a classic 3.5mm headphone jack or a popular Type-C interface? Now I will introduce it to you.

1. Is there a 3.5mm headphone hole in Xiaomi C11PRO

Xiaomi CC11Pro uses the currently popular Type-C interface, which combines charging and headsets into one. 123] What are the advantages of Type-C headphone hole

1. greatly improved the face value experience. The new headphone interface method can bring different visual feelings to friends

2. Guarantee guarantee After the accessories of the mobile phone, when the friends encountered the water, they could protect the parts inside the mobile phone

3. Expand the space of the mobile phone, so that the friends can make a little improvement in other aspects of the mobile phone.

2. Where is the headphone jack

The position of the headset is at the bottom of the fuselage. This design can bring more convenient operations to the friends, do not worry about charging and insertion reversal Oh.

Editor’s comment

Xiaomi CC11Pro is a mobile phone that is biased towards the camera. It is a mobile phone that can help friends get better pictures. With a stylish appearance, it is worth looking forward to our expectations Oh.