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Does Honor Magic3 support OTG-Is there any reverse function?

Honor Magic3 This phone is a mobile phone that can bring powerful performance to the friends. It is definitely allowed to play arbitrarily in the blessing of the Snapdragon 888Plus. So is this phone have such convenient operations of OTG? Let me answer it for everyone now.

1. Honor Magic3 supports OTG

Honor Magic3 only supports OTG features

small friends can use this function to perform various data transmission, for to transmit them for various data transmission, for it for all kinds of data transmission. Various conveniences in your own life

2. Is there any reverse function

This phone supports reverse charging functions,

We can pass this kind Function to act as your own mobile power, convenient and fast

OTG advantages:

OTG is the abbreviation of ON-The-GO, which can connect the function of external devices.

Combined with reverse charging, it can allow users to relieve this problem when other equipment is urgent.

Using mobile phones can also supply power to other devices, bringing more convenience to users’ daily lives.

Purchase suggestion

This phone of Honor Magic3 is a mobile phone equipped with Snapdragon 888Plus, which can definitely bring you various performance experience feelings, with super fast charging The rate is definitely no pressure to play freely for the friends.