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Can I OnePlus 9TPro insert memory card-support memory expansion

OnePlus 9TPRO is a powerful flagship mobile phone. It can definitely bring more comfortable performance enjoyment to the friends. So is this phone supporting and memory expansion? Now I will introduce to my friends.

Can I insert memory cards in one and OnePlus 9TPRO

OnePlus 9TPro does not support memory expansion. It is not possible to insert a memory card

What to do if it supports memory memory, but

Situation I. Insufficient operating memory, do not support extension memory

Uninstalling unnecessary software, disable the uninstalled self -containing system software, can save memory.

Situation 2. Insufficient storage memory

Then uninstall the unwanted software and clean up the memory cache.

The above is the information of the OnePlus 9TPro inserting memory card compiled by Xiaobian, hoping to help the friends

Performance summary

OnePlus 9TPRO is a model The flagship mobile phone with excellent performance, and is still looking at the mobile phone with a new design, ensuring that you can grab your performance with both hands.