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Nokia Lumia 930 Fort June to sell price 579

As Nokia Lumia 630, the synchronous release of Nokia Lumia 930 also seems to be getting closer. A few days ago, this new machine with WP8.1 system has begun to pre-sale in Germany and France, and the price of mobile phones is 579 euros, about RMB 4,950, and provide black, orange, green and white, etc. Color selection.

French began pre-sale

According to the pre-sale page released by German and French Amazon, the Nokia Lumia 930 is priced at 579 euros, about approximately RMB 4,950. However, there are also French retailers to sell lower pre-sale, only 549 euros, about 549 euros, about 4,690 yuan, compared to Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) of 600 euros (about RMB 5,200 The price is undoubtedly more attractive.

In addition, Nokia Lumia 930 is relatively cheap in Russia, pricing is 24,990 Russian rubles, about 4480 yuan. Therefore, combined with a relatively expensive practice in Europe, this may mean that the price of the Nokia Lumia 930 licensed version may be 4599 yuan or less.

Sell u200bu200bin June

Although the German and French Amazon did not announce the specific arrival time of Nokia Lumia 930, according to the Reddit netizen, I invited the British operator O2 feedback. Nokia Lumia 930 has become getting closer, the team is tested, if everything goes well If you will be listed on June 9. It is expected that color styles such as black, white, orange, and green will be provided.

As the new machine that Nokia is the most worthy new machine, Nokia Lumia 930 is the most attractive place to achieve better balance in function and light volume, load 5 inch 1080p resolution AMOLED material touch screen, and equipped with WP8 .1 system and use 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, built-in Carl Zeiss certified 20 million pixel lens, support PureView technology and optical anti-shake function.

National Bank Support Screen Overview

It is worth mentioning that although the Nokia Lumia 930 does not support the screen overview function, according to the information released by the official website of Nokia China, the machine licensed version not only has double-click awakening screen function, but also supports the screen overview.

In the past, there is no news, since the screen cost of the AMOLED material, the AMOLED material, and the display memory combination is very high, the AMOLED touch screen configured by Nokia Lumia 930 is not equipped with u0026 ldquo; Display Memory, so This time the screen appearing on the countryOverview functions may mean that Nokia Lumia 930 licensed touch screens are higher.