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Move your fingers, you can call the car fast taxi access.

Sina Technology is now known today that the fast taxi will access the smart button of Xiaomi’s smart button u0026 ldquo; Mi bond u0026 rdquo; after the user can realize a button in the mobile phone.

It is understood that the access u0026 ldquo; Mi bond u0026 rdquo; even in the mobile phone lock screen state, the user can simply implement one-button truck function.In addition, if the user does not install a fast taxi application, the Mi key will prompt the user to enter the Xiaomi app store.

In fact, this is not a fast taxi and millet’s first cooperation.In April this year, a fast taxi has publicly expressed the joint millet to develop drivers to grab the single unit, that is, the rental driver can perform a single, telephone answering and call function through the hardware.Currently, the hardware has not been released.

Mi bond is a hardware device that Xiaomi’s shortcut function with the headphone port, users do not need to unlock the phone, gently, one-click recording, take pictures, etc. can be realized.