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HTC ONE Fashion Edition is coming to adopt a double curve design

A few days ago, HTC forwarded a pusher released by its official Twitter on Weibo. The content is u0026 ldquo; more beautiful curves will come to u0026 rdquo quickly;I didn’t expect to be a “low-key u0026 rdquo; Motorola” to grab the line, used to promote their own products.

Motorola rebates this microblog, and u0026 ldquo; tuning u0026 rdquo; said: It seems that our MOTO X and MOTO G?

When the HTC is forwarded, it also quotes Antonio u0026 Middot; Gaudi’s famous saying: The Straight Line Belongs to Man, The Curve To god. Straight line belongs to humanity, while the curve belongs to God.

In fact, HTC is preheating in HTC ONE fashion version of its new machine.According to a message, the back shell is two-curved design, the outer casing is a plastic material, basically the plastic version of HTC One M8.

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