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Daphole mirror hammer mobile phone evaluation runs up to 30888 points

The relevant evaluation of the hammer mobile phone has been met with us, but it is shocking that there is currently several performance tests related to the hammer mobile phone, which allows users who look forward to the performance of hammer mobile phone very disappointment.

After some inquiry, we finally discovered that the editor of Sina Technology has released a few hammers on the hammer mobile phone in Weibo, so that we have witnessed the real performance of the hammer mobile phone.

From the screenshot published by @ 渊, the hammer of the quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor mobile phone run is only about 30,000 points, and the three run points are 30888 points, the minimum 29049 points, and some are not satisfactory.To know that the Galaxy S4 equipped with a high-frequency slim 600 processor once can run out of 29000+ scores, and the top-level Snapdragon 800 processor’s hammer mobile phone only ran out of the 300,000 points of grades.

Of course, there is a feeling of feelings of mobile phones, as long as the system is smooth and the daily application can meet the needs.