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Android malware ibanking is now called a Swiss army knife

Smartphones have replaced PCs to become a large number of Internet tools in everyday use, so a large number of malware begins to hit the open Android platform. Under profit, Android malware has formed an unknown underground market.

According to foreign media ARS TECHNICA, a malware, a Swiss army knife level: ibanking, has appeared. It across PCs, mobile phones, can disguise yourself into normal applications, intercepting bank SMS, get geographic location data, access file system, etc.

When the user accesses the online banking or social network through the computer, the malware pops up a window on the computer screen, in order to tell the user that your Android device needs to install the corresponding APP to be used, once installed, your phone is It has been infected.

For hackers using ibanking, if you are willing to pay $ 5,000, it can also achieve more features, including: forwarding voice calls, getting sound around the device, tracking location, reading file systems. One of the most expensive malware in the underground market.

The most disturbing is that it can remotely connect the infected mobile device to a huge zombie network via remote control.

In addition, IBANKING has strong anti-analytical capabilities, and the mechanism allows it to operate normally in the virtual machine to prevent cracking or counterfeiting, this behavior is not common in mobile malicious applications.

Currently, how many users have infected this malicious program. It is said that IBANKING’s source code has leaked and uses ibanking malicious programs to grow a lot.