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Winter is about to u0026 nbsp; u0026 nbsp; Can domestic mobile phones get out of a low price circle?

A few years ago, it was so easy to make money in the mobile phone industry. Everyone feels that they have found a new economic growth point. Nowadays, electronic products have indeed become an important engine of my country’s economic growth. However, those who once shouted flags, now there are still a few mobile phone industries that stand in this rapid mobile phone industry?

A few days ago, it used to be a 25 -minute crowdfunding 1600 The Coca -Cola mobile phone of 10,000 funds went bankrupt, leaving the curse of many users.

Liu Zuohu, the founder and CEO of an entrepreneurial enterprise, deeply felt the difficulties of survival and their weakness: u0026 ldquo; OnePlus now goal is to survive in China, to develop overseas, and do not expect the domestic market to make money. It only needs the team to support themselves. u0026 rdquo;

If the dilemma of entrepreneurial enterprises is still looking for a way to make breakthroughs, do the large -scale companies also feel that the market is difficult to be in the current market?
2015 Internet mobile phones in 2015 The pace of brand leader Xiaomi has slowed down, followed by the concerns and doubts of Xiaomi’s future. At the moment of this mobile phone market almost touched the ceiling, the competition of mobile phone companies is no longer fierce but tragic.

The winter is approaching, those companies that can only u0026 ldquo; shake flags u0026 rdquo; u0026 ldquo; companies that scam u0026 rdquo; Can I pass this winter safely?

The pain behind Xiaomi’s cost -effectiveness

Xiaomi, who shouted u0026 ldquo; for a fever, has never mentioned this slogan. Behind the development of Xiaomi, the cost -effectiveness is behind the development of the explosive development. Only Xiaomi will experience it.

In 2011, Xiaomi began to release mobile phones. By 2012, the shipment volume reached 7.19 million units. This explosive rising speed surprised the industry. Therefore, Huawei, one of the China Cool Union u0026 rdquo; Huawei has also noticed such an Internet company since then, and began to study the marketing model of Xiaomi.

At the end of 2013, Huawei launched the Internet brand u0026 ldquo; Honor u0026 rdquo; and achieved 20 million sales last year, and this year’s expected 40 million sales are not a problem. However, when this prospect is good, Huawei President Ren Zhengfei asked Huawei to reduce low -end products and strengthen the promotion of high -end products. The transformation of Huawei directly contributed to the current situation of Huawei u0026 ldquo; an independent u0026 rdquo; in the high -end field of the domestic mobile phone industry.

On the other hand, when Xiaomi is more and more accustomed to Xiaomi low prices, Xiaomi has already positioned Xiaomi to u0026 ldquo; low -endu0026 rdquo; product endorsement words.

In January 2015, Xiaomi launched the standard/top version Xiaomi Note, which is priced at 2299/2999 yuan. I want to kill a place in the high -end mobile phone market. However, just five months after listing, the Xiaomi Note standard version fell to 1999 yuan, and the sales of Xiaomi Note were far lower than Xiaomi 4.

In early October, the Xiaomi Note standard version fell to 1799 yuan. At this point, Xiaomi’s impact on the high -end market failed completely, and it really tasted the pain behind the cost -effective u0026 rdquo;

The low -priced strange circle of domestic mobile phones

After the bankruptcy of the Coca -Cola, the founder and CEO Ding Xiuhong of the Coca -Cola mobile phone said in an interview with the media: u0026 ldquo; Capital, there are enough money, and there are enough teams to do it. u0026 rdquo;

I do n’t know when, the price of the mobile phone is getting lower and lower, but the configuration parameters are getting higher and higher. The phenomenon of high -profile and low prices has created the increasing profit of the enterprise. But the market environment decides to go. You do n’t do it. Someone does it. In order to survive, you have to do it.

In early 2014, the founder of Meizu Huang Zhang decided to loosen the company after returning, introduced external capital, expand product lines, give employees equity, and transformed the company from a family business to a joint -stock company.

To this day, more than a year, Meizu has changed from a niche company focusing on a quality niche company to a popular mobile phone brand full of Internet atmosphere.

Meizu’s latest metal shell, the charm blue Metal price is set at 1099 yuan for thousands of yuan. Such a low -price machine is also equipped with fingerprint recognition.

Coincidentally, Huawei’s Honor Play 5X is also a metal shell and fingerprint recognition. The price is 999 yuan. The price is more u0026 ldquo;

This is only two cases in the domestic thousand yuan mobile phone market. In this low -cost competition environment, although consumers can get more and more benefits, it is reflected in the enterprise itself, but it is uncomfortable and suffered everywhere. High -end products cannot be done, low -end products have low profits and cannot be given up. The low -cost strange circle of domestic mobile phones is formed.

How to kill the siege

A number of mobile phone brands know that the final ending trapped in the low -cost monster circle was trapped. But everyone is in this strange circle u0026 ldquo; jump u0026 rdquo;, even though they are overwhelmed, they will not jump out.

In comparison, Huawei, as a rare high -end brand in domestic mobile phone brands, is really good in this regard. Depending on Mate7 to earn a good mouthAfter the monument, Huawei P7 and P8 global sales are also very good. The latest flagship Mate S in September this year also performed extraordinary. According to GFK data from the International Market Research Agency, Mate S has increased Huawei’s 4000+ market share 10 times in the two months of listing.

In 2015, Q3 Huawei’s shipments in the Chinese market increased by 81%year -on -year, shipments in the European market increased by 98%year -on -year, and shipments in the Middle East and Africa markets increased by 70%year -on -year. In the context of the slowdown of global smartphone growth, Huawei can rising against the trend enough to prove that Huawei u0026 ldquo; boutique strategy u0026 rdquo; is the basis of the market for a long time. Except Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, and Coolpad are moving towards high -end. For such large -scale companies, creating high -end products is imminent. At present, although we have seen the efforts of these companies, there are still long ways to go on the road of high -end and brand reputation. Everything has to go through the history of the rise and fall. Now domestic mobile phones are full of flowers, and the competition is unprecedented, but how much can really be based on the market for a long time? The cold winter is approaching, and whether domestic mobile phones are still u0026 ldquo; u0026 rdquo; Inside? If you don’t calm down, this cold winter is not good.