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Who do you think of the “odds” analysis?

In the smartphone circle, the least lack of lack of u0026 ldquo; war u0026 rdquo;. Golden nine silver ten, smoke not scattered, Double Eleven e -commerce festivals, the war is imminent. Vaguely remembered last year’s Double Eleven Alibaba Ma Yun’s friend Jet Li, Jet Li, sat in Hangzhou headquarters, and the Taobao transaction volume rose to tens of billions of dollars. different. In front of the Double Eleven in 2015, who can win the smart phone circle?

Xiaomi Xiaoyao 2014

Last year’s 11th day , Xiaomi Guan Weihao and dry cloud, published a number of sales data first: Xiaomi, Redmi mobile phone sales first; Xiaomi TV became the first sales volume of TV single stores; Xiaomi tablet became the first sales of tablet products; Xiaomi bracelets The router MINI is called the first category sales. So that Rebus issued an open letter: Let us look forward to the next more brilliant record, because our journey is still in the sea of u200bu200bstars farther!

Now the four heavenly kings

Xiaomi last year , Huawei and Meizu can be described as unbearable, Tmall’s mobile phone sales are far ahead of other brands. Of course, this year’s Double Eleven is still powerful. In the strength of the three mountains, the industry recognizes the four heavenly kings: Qimi Hua Mei. This year’s Double Eleven play has just begun.

Analysis of the odds for winning the championship

Time giant wheel enters 2015. Who will unify the mobile phone sales? There are many new machines under Xiaomi, and it is still a high cost -effective banner. Mobile phones. The workmanship and experience often expose quality problems; Huang Zhang hugs Ma Yun’s thighs, and the push thousands of yuan new machine charm blue metal is equipped with customized yunos and shouted the slogan of metal democratization. Meizu, who has learned hungry marketing, seems a bit unable to control inertia: until now, Charm Blue Metal is still in a state of no stock; Huawei has been in a high -end Mate S in the high -end defeat. Still preparing the Honor 5X, which is known as the new standard of the thousand yuan flagship for the Double Eleven War, then this Honor 5X can really define the standard of the industry for thousands of yuan? I am afraid that only Glory believes it. In sharp contrast, u0026 ldquo; post -life u0026 rdquo; Qi Cool God, in addition to the price reduction to make sincerity, it is even more than one million to enjoy the public. As far as the product is concerned, the Kuku Youth Edition and the Great God Note3 are equipped with 360OS, which can be described as the industry u0026 ldquo; I heard the wind u0026 rdquo;, exclusively supports dual WeChat and face age photos. The experience is king.

What is the double eleven ratio?

Is the product of Double Eleven competition? Only the product is not enough. The reason is simple. Is the product of the three mountains invincible? Obvious not, but threeThe mountains still have an important position in the minds of consumers. The homogeneity of mobile phone hardware has been shouted for a long time. Now, the evil fruit is highlighted. The vast metal, rose gold, the same parameter configuration or even the same price, although the function of the mobile phone is getting stronger and stronger, but the difficulty of choosing consumers is getting greater. At this time, the brand concept behind a product plays a decisive role. The three Huami Mei has been operating in the mobile phone industry for many years. Even if the problem is frequent, it is still deep and deep, and it is difficult to shake; Qilu Technology has not established a long time, and there are not many products in its products.

It is neither called u0026 ldquo; AK47 u0026 rdquo;, nor is it called u0026 ldquo; Goku u0026 rdquo;, Zhou Hongyi finally named the new 360 mobile phone brand u0026 ldquo; Qisu is committed to providing exquisite and intelligent products and services, creating a high -quality Internet terminal experience for customers, changing the world due to curiosity, and enjoying excellence due to high quality!

In the mobile Internet field, you need to need Grasp the user to seize the traffic entrance. The 360 u200bu200bQiku has accumulated the user and word of mouth. It is named for security. At the same time, the high, middle and low three blocks.

Who are you optimistic about the Double Eleven War? Do not miss the super low odds!