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What did the overseas market make good results and see what Double Eleven Coolpads did

In the domestic mobile phone industry, they are promoting how they have reached a new high. As one of the representative manufacturers of traditional mobile phone brands, Coolpad has not seen any wind about Double Eleven. But as many people think that when Coolpad has not had any big moves in the near future, Coolpad brought us new surprises.

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Jiang Chao, deputy chairman of Coolpad this morning, broke the news that it was not that I was unwilling. Note3 has been out of stock in India for 12 days. As soon as the news came out, all talents suddenly realized that Coolpad focused on the development of Double Eleven this year’s Double Eleven in India’s development.

As we all know, Coolpad has disappeared on the issue of Kuku 360 a month before Double Eleven due to Double Eleven, thereby losing the great god mobile phone brand. After knowing that the domestic market competition in Double Eleven is hopeless, Coolpad decisively focuses on the development of overseas markets. On October 9, 2015, the Coolpad brand conference was held in Delhi, India’s capital, and announced that it officially entered the Indian market. Coolpad, which comprehensively entered the Indian market, decided to start the first shot of its own brand through e -commerce. Therefore, Coolpad and Amazon India sign an agreement. The two parties will start in -depth cooperation online. Coolpad’s first product will be released on the Amazon platform on October 20. On October 20th, Coolpad Note3 made its first sales on Amazon, and successfully occupied the first best -selling list of Amazon Indian mobile phone categories.

With the continuous development of Coolpad in the Indian market, COOLPAD NOTE3 has also become one of the favorite domestic mobile phones of Indians, and even a difficult status quo has appeared. Of course, in addition to the development of the Indian market, the domestic market Coolpad will not give up. On November 5th, the Coolpad Mall was reinstalled, indicating that Coolpad had got rid of the shadow of the loss of the great god and re -opened the road of e -commerce. On the 25th of this month, Coolpad will launch a new model named MAX. Therefore, although Coolpad missed the Double Eleven event this year, Saon lost his horse and knew that he was not blessed. Coolpad’s achievements in overseas markets could not be ignored.