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Return to small screen Apple next year may launch a 4 -inch iPhone

After so many years of development, the screen of the mobile phone has once moved towards the direction of u0026 ldquo; Bigger than bigger u0026 rdquo;, but fortunately, all the manufacturers of all walks of life have stopped, and they are gradually returning to the nature of the user experience. The small screen mobile phone with better experience is launched, and Apple is nothing more than that.

On November 4th, according to Appleinsider reports quoted a insider, Apple plans to mass -produce the iPhone 5s upgrade model next year.

It is reported that as an old upgrade model, the machine will be equipped with an A9 processor, metal integrated body, and will be pre -installed with the next -generation iOS operating system.

At the same time, Guo Mingchi, an analyst at KGI Securities, predicts that the new iPhone will be 4.0 inches, which will be close to the iPhone 5s u0026 ldquo; strengthened version u0026 rdquo;

Guo Mingchi said that the market’s demand for small screen mobile phones is still very strong, and Apple, which caters to consumers, plans to launch a small size iPhone next year profit.

However, Guo Mingchi also pointed out that as a low -end model, Apple does not use its own killer 3D Touch technology on this small -sized mobile phone.

In the end, he also said that Hon Hai (Fuji Kang’s parent) will be an exclusive foundry manufacturer for models, and its sales will reach 20 million to 30 million in 2016.

As the news of Apple News, Guo Mingchi has a long -term prediction accuracy. If Apple really launched a 4.0 -inch iPhone, would you be interested?