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Redmi Note2 Pro has fingerprint recognition!Get the network access permit

Xiaomi’s first mobile phone with fingerprint recognition finally obtained the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s access to the network, and its u0026 ldquo; makeup photos u0026 rdquo; have also appeared on Tenaa’s official website, the appearance is completely consistent with the previous spy photos. The new machine uses a metal body and has a fingerprint recognition sensor, which also means that Xiaomi mobile phone finally has a fingerprint recognition function, and it is the long -rumored Redmi Note2 Pro.

The exposure map we saw in the past month showed the details of the fingerprint sensor and the metal material on the back. Today, from the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology u0026 Ldquo; makeup photos u0026 rdquo; we can also confirm these features. And its appearance is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Note2 on sale, but the material will be different.

In terms of configuration, the machine is equipped with MediaTek Helio X10 (MT6795) eight -core chip, and a memory combination of 2GB RAM+16GB ROM to run smoothly based on the Android 5.0.1 kernel MIUI7. The whole machine specification is 149.98 u0026 times; 75.96m u0026 times; 8.75mm, its weight is 165 grams, and the 3060mAh battery is built -in. In terms of cameras, Redmi Note2 Pro is equipped with a 13 -megapixel camera combination with a 13 million+5 -megapixel camera, supplemented by a two -color warm flash. In terms of screens, the 5.5 -inch 1080P screen is also configuration on the board. As for the price, the current two claims are 999 yuan and 1099 yuan. Perhaps there will be a standard and high -end version.

For consumers who have been criticizing Xiaomi mobile phones without fingerprint recognition, they should be able to be relieved. In addition, Xiaomi’s next flagship Xiaomi Mi 5 is coming soon. Moreover, Lei Jun also said on Weibo that Xiaomi’s goal is not to do the first market, but to make high -quality products that everyone can afford to buy. Next, Xiaomi will have a lot of good products.