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Quezu Double Eleven One Flying Flying Sky Package Packing Quality Change

Regardless of any event, people are eager to see the appearance of the dark horse. Because once there is a dark horse, it means that the entire industry will be reshuffled. On the afternoon of November 12, Tmall’s u0026 ldquo; Double 11 Global Carnival, mobile phone hero list u0026 rdquo; Awards ceremony, Qilu won the new brand award. It also won the fifth place in sales and sales of the global sales and sales of Double Eleven Tmall mobile phones in 2015. So the great god of Kuku became a dark horse in the eyes of people, the mobile phone industry.

The emergence of the Qiku brand was seen as a dark horse, which instantly stirred the calmness of the domestic mobile phone market. But as a dark horse, the first is to have strength, so in what aspect of the strength of Qiku mobile phones? According to statistics of Double Eleven data, Qiku Technology is the sales champion of 2,000 yuan. Qiku’s Double Eleven killers, its excellent performance pushed the Qiku brand to the pinnacle of the mobile phone industry in one fell swoop.

The flagship version of the Qiku mobile phone is equipped with Xiaolong 808 processor, which has excellent performance. However, excellent performance is only the foundation. Excellent experience and original technology are the root causes of the flagship version of the Qiku mobile phone. The unique intelligent dual -camera technology of this machine uses two 13 -megapixel cameras to solve the problem of night shooting imaging that has troubled mobile phones for a long time. In addition, the 360 u200bu200bOS operating system equipped by the machine focuses on safety, smoothness, and power saving, which fundamentally solves the three major machine pain points of Android mobile phone users. Innovative functions such as dual WeChat, refrigerated rooms, property isolation, face -old photography have brought consumers a new machine experience.

It can be seen that the success of Qiku mobile phone brand is not accidental, but has been achieved with their unremitting efforts. Therefore, there is no real dark horse in this world. The so -called dark horse is just accumulating strength in silence and waiting for an opportunity to fly into the sky. The powerful dark horse should not be called a dark horse, because it will eventually become a new generation of hegemon in the near future.