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OnePlus: You can’t make money at low prices for mobile phones. The product is incompetent

I remember that OnePlus Liu Zuohu said, u0026 ldquo; OnePlus is now the goal of survival, overseas development, and do not expect the domestic market to make money, only the team will support the team u0026 rdquo;.

This sentence is very euphemistic. On the surface, the purpose behind it is to make money, and how to make money about OnePlus, the newly released OnePlus X mobile phone can explain the problem most. 999 yuan, not even 899 yuan, but the price of 1499 yuan was marked.

Some people say that it is expensive. Compared with the current domestic brand mobile phones, it is indeed the case, but it may not be known why the expensive person may know why onePlus X sells 1499 yuan, or why it is sold so expensive Therefore, we also brought these issues, Zhang Xuan, the person in charge of the product, and Zeng Xi, the product manager of the OnePlus X product manager Sun Lu and the hydrogen OS product manager.

It is the last word to do a good job of making products

The competitiveness between domestic mobile phone brands can easily see from the price. When they come out, the mobile phone industry has never been fighting in the price like today, and even some manufacturers say they do not make money for hardware.

Although this trend is good for users to a certain extent, it is not healthy for the entire industry. This logic is very simple. u0026 Ldquo; Commercial enterprises themselves are the purpose of profitability for profit. u0026 rdquo;.

Zhang Xuan kept this values u200bu200bvery much. He wrote in the circle of friends, u0026 ldquo; As an enterprise, make the product well It is the most rustic business logic u0026 rdquo; and this can also be used as a price of 1499 yuan instead of 1299 yuan or 999 yuan.

u0026 ldquo; The person willing to buy does not care about 100 yuan (referring to one -plus X user), but these 100 yuan will help u0026 rdquo; he said, u0026 ldquo; earns money; It reflects the ability of the product u0026 rdquo;.

Relying on the price reduction to solve the problem means very dangerous

OnePlus is a bit stubborn in product prices. The price of new products is higher than the average level. Signs of obvious changes, the price of the first -generation sandstone black version is still 1999 yuan.

When asked if the price would be reduced, Zhang Xuan’s answer was clear, u0026 ldquo; no price u0026 rdquo; the reason is that there are not many premium space.

u0026 ldquo; cost control is not our advantage u0026 rdquo; and in Zhang Xuan’s view, u0026 ldquo; price reduction does not solve the substantial questioning questionIf you can, if you can, it is very dangerous u0026 rdquo; Although this sentence does not have any direction, it is still easy to think of the embarrassment that the hammer T1 mobile phone once encountered in price.

Zhang Xuan’s so -called price does not reduce the price, it is not absolute. In his mouth, there is a possible price reduction, u0026 ldquo; extend (equipment) life cycle u0026 rdquo;.

Black theme and black humor

If you are observed carefully, you will find that the default theme of OnePlus X is black. There are many reasons for this very small detail.

Zeng Xi’s answer is roughly, u0026 ldquo; OnePlus X’s demand is small and beautiful, fashionable, configuration is second, and black is the best and fashionable linked together; followed by the AMOLED screen In the black background, it is the most powerful u0026 rdquo;, in the end, there may be a problem that everyone may think of, and the OnePlus does not seem to avoid it. Black edge) Hidden u0026 rdquo;.

Compared with the previous two answers, the last explanation is a bit black and humorous. None of the manufacturers will reveal their own problems so straightforwardly. One bad thing.

As for the black edge of the industry, Zhang Xuan’s response is, u0026 ldquo; I can try to solve this problem on the next product. It is a choice.

It should be said that many users’ problems should be known as a manufacturer. Zhang Xuan said that the pursuit of u0026 ldquo; Under the module standard, there is no way to do Type-C, and there is no way to do fingerprint recognition u0026 rdquo;, he told me, the current OnePlus x, u0026 ldquo; is a choice u0026 rdquo;

A total of 17 internal beta versions

At the beginning of this year, OnePlus decided to put his ROM on the table and find it from the element cycle table A name u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; hydrogen OS (overseas version corresponds to oxygen OS). Among this set of ROM, the element of Material Design is popular. For this, product manager Zeng Xi once said on Zhihu, why choose u0026 ldquo; why choose to choose Material design instead of more secure imitation iOS?, Because we don’t like u0026 rdquo;.

Chasing your favorite design is a great thing, but great is at a price. For OnePlus, the price is the slower update rhythm of hydrogen OS.The Fang Forum spread, I asked Zeng Xi, u0026 ldquo; Why was it so slow u0026 rdquo;, I thought he would tell me that there was such a difficulty, but the answer made me unexpected.

u0026 ldquo; Actually not slow u0026 rdquo;.

He explained the problem of updating the rhythm for me, u0026 ldquo; Hydrogen OS sent a total of 17 internal test versions. The rhythm of pushing the user OTA once every two weeks in the past is now the internal test every test. Two weeks, but the push for users was changed to the last week of each month, and the reason for this was to flatten the baseline of different devices u0026 rdquo;.

At the end of December at the end of December

At the Google I/O Developer Conference in May, Google released the next generation of Android 6.0 operating system, code name u0026 ldquo; Masrshmallow u0026 rdquo; Sugar), which is commonly known as Android M, but due to the customization of third -party ROM, users generally cannot swipe Android M on the existing device as soon as possible.

I think there should be many OnePlus users who are paying attention to u0026 ldquo; when will hydrogen OS go to Android m u0026 rdquo; so I threw this question to Zhang Xuan, he told me, u0026 ldquo; It is estimated that if you are pessimistic, it should be the first quarter of next year u0026 rdquo;.

Zhang Xuan told me that u0026 ldquo; manufacturers generally follow up the new version of the new version u0026 rdquo; but if it involves Google CTS test and Android Market certification, it is generally one year after the new version In addition, when Android M is also involved in the support of upstream manufacturers in driving, manufacturers’ own human resources, and cooperative relationships with Google, and so on.

除了這些客觀的原因,主觀方面的因素也會導致釋放的時間差異,張璇說,u0026ldquo;對于廠商而言,跟進新版本帶來的風險很大,尤其國內,因為Without a uniform software store, everyone is not very positive for the follow -up and test of the new version, leading to more compatibility issues u0026 rdquo;


和一加的幾個產品經理聊了很多瑣碎的東西,旁邊的同事還一個勁的在提醒,什么問題都可以聊,但是一路Talking, when I finally left, I summed up with my peers. u0026 Ldquo; I was saying or that, all because of the reason, or u0026 ldquo; all the problems could not blame them u0026 rdquo;.

But in these topics, the most let meWhat is impressive is a new u0026 ldquo; dare to be the temperament of u0026 rdquo; especially when asked what to do if the OnePlus X is not accepted by the market, use their own original words as u0026 ldquo;Don’t be afraid to be beaten by the market.u0026 rdquo;