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Millions of stock preparation and waiting for the war to be super cost -effective how you refuse

The competition between each mobile phone of the Double Eleven Barton this year will undoubtedly be very fierce. The protagonist who has attracted much attention should be Qi Cool. The version caused many people’s heated discussions and crazy grabbing, so this year’s Double Eleven Battle, Qilu mobile phone has undoubtedly become the most watched mobile phone. So, as the focus of much attention, how does Qilu react?

At the media shooting conference recently, Qilu announced that the price of the Qiku mobile phone youth version was reduced by 200 yuan, and the price was reduced. The Qiku Youth Edition only costs 999 yuan, and the cost -effective advantage is more prominent. For the thousand yuan stall market, this is undoubtedly a blockbuster bomb. Before the price reduction, the sale of the Qiku mobile phone youth version several times was instantly consumed by consumption in an instant. Those who grab the light. Therefore, the Kuku Youth Edition, which has a more prominent cost -effective advantage, will undoubtedly be more popular during the Double Eleven period. Considering this, Qilu responded to this.

To this end, Qilu said that the spot has been prepared, waiting for the arrival of Double Eleven. Cool mobile phone youth version million spot has been prepared, officially listed before Double Eleven, and this broke is now confirmed. I believe that the enthusiasm of consumers will be detonated again during Double Eleven.

The reason why Qi Kuyu Youth Edition is so popular, and the cost -effectiveness is the reason for the reason. It is also an important reason. Three characteristics of electricity, of which security is the most eye -catching place in the entire system. Based on the development experience of 360 security software on the PC end, 360 OS’s performance in security is also very eye -catching. On the issue of mobile payment security, 360 360, 360 OS has an independent property isolation system, and the system that is used in peacetime is independent of each other. It is not affected at all when paying. In addition, there are also great advantages in telephone and text messages to prevent harassment, making life and work more worry -free.

This time, the Kuku seems to be prepared, so we will also look forward to the performance of the Qiku mobile phone youth version during the Double Eleven period.