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[China Paid Report] Double 11 is officially coming, and the replacement of mobile phone upgrades has become the first choice for many netizens. There are many mobile phones that have attracted much attention at present: Le 1S, 360 Qi Kuyu Youth Edition, and so on. Both have logged in to major e -commerce platforms on the eve of Double 11. The 360 u200bu200bQiku Youth Edition was launched on a million spot in one fell swoop. I was afraid that some users could not buy real machines as soon as possible.

In fact, you can see the ambition of Lao Zhou from the product. On the Qiku Youth Edition, Lao Zhou used the all -metal body, three -dimensional cutting, and equipped with a 5.5 -inch 1080P screen. At the same time, the 2GB+16GB body storage, as well as the camera combination of the front 13 million pixels and the rear 8 -megapixel.

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In comparison, the Qilu flagship version is more sincere. Because of the complex craftsmanship, this phone continued to be listed after the release, and Lao Zhou also apologized to consumers. However, the Qiku flagship version can be called unprecedented cost -effectiveness in terms of configuration and design. On this mobile phone, Lao Zhou not only built -in Qualcomm 808 processor, but also used 3GB+32GB storage combination. In addition to fingerprint recognition, there is also fast charging. The most interesting place is in the camera. Compared with a dual camera combination of a main camera of other manufacturers and a auxiliary camera, two 13 million main cameras on the back of the flagship version of the Qiku mobile phone, which also created color+black and white, black and white Intelligent dual -camera technology will be raised to unprecedented level.

On the basis of strong hardware, the appearance of 360 OS can be said to be the finishing touch. Lao Zhou personally led the 360 u200bu200bOS created by the strongest software team, which not only supports all pre -installed applications custom unloading, but also protects mobile phone security with many years of security experience. If you want to say that 360 OS is different from other UI, it is interesting. Lao Zhou is not old -hearted. In addition to the built -in dual WeChat function, let users separate the work WeChat and Life WeChat, and also created the face age camera function. This function can be used to display the age of the user on the screen based on the automatic calculation of the selfie users, which is very interesting.

However, whether the product is good or not, it still needs to be said. Double Eleven is coming, this will be the most important battlefield for testing Lao Zhou and Qiku Technology. I believe that Lao Zhou also thought about it, so the chopping festival was not arrived, and Qigu Group had started to prepare for a comprehensive battle. Million spot! This is the first answer given by Lao Zhou. There is no need to buy and wait, and open purchase! It is reported that at that time, Qiku will be on the five major platforms of Qiku Mall, 360 Mall, Jingdong, Tmall and Suning to sell youth and flagship mobile phones, and more affordable and mysterious discounts!