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Microsoft’s patent costs through Android reached $ 6 billion

Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia mobile phone business in April 2014. During the announcement of this transaction to completion, Nokia’s R u0026 D personnel launched the company’s first Android phone Nokia X to complete the curtain.

Judging from the specifications of Nokia X, this is just a low -end smartphone, so the outside world cannot take this product to truly understand Nokia’s Android platform. However, this also brought a problem to Microsoft CEO Satya u0026 Middot; Nadella brought a problem: whether Microsoft directly responded to Android challenges or should keep Nokia X.

Of course, Microsoft’s attention was later placed on Windows Phone, and the Windows 10 operating system later launched. Nokia’s Android platform has never been ignored by Microsoft.

Although Microsoft does not adopt the Android operating system like Apple, this company still has obtained huge profits with Google’s open source mobile operating system. Android’s popularity has also made Microsoft one of the big winners.

Because of the Android operating system in mobile devices, Samsung Electronics paid a patent fee of $ 1 billion (the actual amount of 1,041,642,161.5 US dollars) in Microsoft in 2013, that is, each device must pay Microsoft $ 3.41 to Microsoft Patent fee. Based on the calculation of about 300 million units worldwide in the previous quarter, the patent fee charged by Microsoft alone reached US $ 1 billion.

If the patent fee of $ 3.41 is charged for each mobile phone, Microsoft has easily obtained a patent fee of $ 6 billion in Patent fees for $ 3.41 per mobile phone.

Considering that each Android smartphone manufacturer is negotiated with Microsoft alone, there is a huge variable in the actual calculation of the patent fee. This has not considered the patent fee received by Microsoft through the Android tablet, and the opportunity to touch the manufacturer’s user group with the help of a patent authorization agreement with the manufacturer.

The authorization agreement signed by Microsoft and the manufacturer not only includes the patent fee, but also the software of Microsoft. When Microsoft signed an agreement with ASUS last month, it emphasized that u0026 ldquo; it paved the way for the two companies to further integrate, including the Microsoft Office productive forces on ASUS Android smartphones and tablets. u0026 rdquo; To use these Microsoft applications, users must register a Microsoft account and use Microsoft’s cloud support services uninterrupted.

Although making money through Android is a lot of goodness for Microsoft, it is more important to keep the company’s financial health and contact the Android user group.Essence