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iPhone 6s Galaxy S6 takes a photo comparison Apple choked

The camera is the most important feature of a smartphone. It is important to allow users to decide whether to pay for it. With such a powerful relationship, the manufacturer naturally did not dare to neglect, and it is inevitable that the hard work in the back is inevitable.

For many users, the higher the pixel of the camera will be mistaken, the more powerful the camera of the mobile phone is, which is definitely misunderstanding. Because restricting the quality of a mobile phone camera, it depends on the lens itself, algorithm optimization, etc., so a single pursuit of pixel improvement is futile.

In this era of homogeneity of partial homogeneity of the camera, the optimization of the algorithm is very important, and among many mobile phone manufacturers, Samsung and Apple are definitely the first echelon. (S6 series camera hardware is the same) and iPhone 6s.

Now some foreign media compare the cameras of Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s. As a result, their cameras are excellent, but the high pixels of GS6 are better under the determination of comprehensive factors.

The actual shooting sample is 100%large

GS6 is a 16 -megapixel camera, the maximum can shoot 5312 u0026 times; 2988 pixel samples, the ratio is 16: 9, and the iPhone 6S is a 12 -megapixel camera. ; 3024 pixels, the ratio is 4: 3. After putting the actual shooting of the two mobile phones, it can be seen 100%large. Thanks to higher pixels, the details of the GS6 are better than the iPhone 6s, but the two are not much different.

In addition, after the other links of the comparison test GS6 and iPhone 6s, the view given by foreign media is that the good or bad of mobile phones is determined by the high and low camera avatars. Through the comparison of the two excellent flagships, they found that they were excellent, but the Galaxy S6 was more prominent. This is not because its camera avatar pixels are 33%more than the iPhone 6s, but it is determined by algorithm optimization.

Finally, in the camera and camera website DXOMARK’s best photo mobile phone list, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are 82 points, tenth tenth, the front is the Android flagship, except for the Xperia Z5, Galaxy S6 In addition to EDGE and Nexus 6P, there are LG G4, Note 5, Moto X Steyle, Sony Z3+in front of them.

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