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In the end, you will abandon Qualcomm!Huawei mobile phones will use Kirin processor

[China Paid Report] As we all know, Huawei is about to release the annual flagship product Mate 8, and before they just launched Kirin 950, the sturdy performance is impressive.

2015 will be a year for Huawei mobile phones to continue to improve, and they will continue to work hard in the high -end smartphone market. Earlier, Yu Chengdong once said that everyone can’t remember the second, so the ultimate goal of Huawei mobile phones is the world’s first, surpassing Samsung and Apple are inevitable.

The slogan is loud, but how can Huawei realize this grand goal? Shao Yang, the company’s strategic department, said that this year it was important to Huawei terminal. It is because we have spent two important stages: the first is internal anxiety and crisis of survival, and the second is over the crisis of external trust. During the next job, we must take out a subversive solution in technology innovation.

In the third quarter of this year, the results released by Huawei mobile phones showed that the shipment volume was 27.4 million units, a year -on -year increase of 63%. In the domestic market, the shipments of Huawei smartphones increased by 81%year -on -year.

Shao Yang emphasized that according to the planning of the Huawei terminal, the next step will focus on the smartphone of u0026 ldquo; all things u0026 rdquo; On mobile phones, excellent products are made, which is also the focus of the next stage of the Huawei terminal, and it is also an important measure to continue the previous results.

Huawei believes that the next generation of mobile phones with cross -era significance, smart phones will be launched around 2020, and will become a window connecting the physical and digital world. Through big data, artificial intelligence, scenario intelligence, and cloud computing, intelligent mobile phones will have a stronger brain.

Not long ago, Huawei launched the Kirin 950, which is an important point to support the company’s smartphone development. Next, they will continue to promote the development of Hisilicon processor. I hope that the industry insiders told the media: u0026 ldquo; With Huawei’s technology and strength, chip technology is becoming improved. Although it is currently only available for Huawei’s own products, once the ability of scale supply, Huawei will not belong to Qualcomm customers Essence u0026 rdquo;

In Huawei’s view, Kirin processors are the largest capital of their Samsung as the world’s first Apple Samsung. When Huawei mobile phones are all Kirin processors, what do you feel?