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How will the Coolpad New Machine Fighting Air send it to the double eleven?

What is the hottest topic at the moment? Halloween? It has passed; the newly released movie? It is better not to watch it. As long as you open a website casually, there will always be a topic jumping out of our eyes u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; Double Eleven E -commerce Festival! Originally November 11th is an ordinary day. , E -commerce, manufacturers, and consumers collectively enter the state of crazy. Although the Double Eleven’s network is not easy to use, the amount of 100 billion transactions really shocked the entire industry. In the smartphone circle, the marketing war about Double Eleven has been opened in advance. How will Coolpad be a fighting brand as a main brand?

You have the dragon. The Yuan file has been squeezed, and Xiaomi, Meizu, and Huawei have made great efforts. Each family has shined with weapons, how can there be less Coolpad? On November 5th, Coolpad will release a new machine and AIR. Although I do n’t know the price of pricing, it is certain that it will be a thousand yuan. The machine caused u0026 ldquo; tons of damage u0026 rdquo;.

First of all, Feng Shang AIR will focus on high value, 3.6mm ultra -thin body is enough to make a lot of homogeneous thousand yuan machine u0026 ldquo; ashamed u0026 rdquo; second You can enjoy the video resources. For heavy users of mobile phones, this feature can be described as God -free; in the end, the machine also has a wise and cool key. You can answer, hang up the phone, take pictures, and turn on the application in one click. Feng Shang Air is indeed a leader in the industry.

The entire line of the layout is stable.

Of course, Coolpad is not only the new Feng Feng Shang AIR. The Fengshang of the A few days ago 2. The All -Demon King is still the backbone of the industry. Ecological mobile phone Feng Shang 2 has always been proud of the heroes in the industry. The content of the content of Coolpad and LeTV is integrated, giving products more connotation. And the ultimate all -Netcom All -Demon King is even more independent in the field of the entire network. The concept of truly Netcom will all the u0026 ldquo; pseudo -full network u0026 rdquo; mobile phones enter the cold palace.

Double Eleven’s battle ratio is not just products, but also the strength behind the brand. Coolpad has emerged in the global market, of which in Southeast Asia, such as India and Vietnam, have achieved good achievements; at the same time, in North America and Europe, Coolpads have successfully realized the omni -channel model of operators+offline social channels+online e -commerce channels. In mastering, they are in a leading position among local mobile phone manufacturers. Can the Double Eleven Coolpad ride the dust? Let’s wait and see.