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Form the big god mobile phone for the Double Eleven championship to buy

Double Eleven u0026 ldquo; Wars u0026 rdquo; have been fully opened, and mobile phone manufacturers have launched a variety of preferential activities. Of course, the great god mobile phone, which is sought after by users, cannot miss this excellent opportunity. During the Double Eleven, millions of great gods Note3 have landed on the five major platforms of Qiku Mall, Tmall, JD.com, Suning, and 360 Mall. Bring more benefits.

Not long ago, at the Great God’s mobile media communication meeting, the price of the Great God Note3 dropped by 100 yuan, and the 4G version of the Great God Note3 was priced at 799 yuan. After the price reduction, the Great God Note3 became the most cost -effective thousand -yuan fingerprint recognition mobile phone, full of attractiveness.

The appearance of the Great God Note3 is excellent and the value is extremely high. In terms of configuration, the Great God Note3 uses a 5.5 -inch screen, equipped with MediaTek MT6753 octa -core processor, supplemented by 2GB of memory, and rear 13 -megapixel camera+front 5 -megapixel camera combination. The performance of this machine is outstanding, which can easily meet the daily use of users.

The Great God Note3, as the world’s first thousand yuan fingerprint recognition mobile phone, has strong fingerprint recognition technology. The fingerprint recognition of the machine can withstand 10 million times, the use time is nine years, and the accuracy of fingerprint recognition is as high as 99%, which can bring users an excellent experience. At the same time, the machine supports functions such as rapid unlocking, fingerprint payment, fingerprint encryption, fingerprint encryption, fingerprint camera, fingerprint opening application. The rich fingerprint recognition application scenarios can bring users to use the machine experience, which greatly improves user satisfaction.

At the same time, the Great God Note3 also has a full Netcom version for users to choose from. The emergence of the Great God Note3 full Netcom version completely solves the troubles caused by the different network systems of the three major operators, and it is more convenient to use daily use.

It is worth mentioning that the great god Note3 after comprehensive adaptation of 360 OS is more secure, brisk, and power -saving, which can bring the ultimate machine experience. In addition, the 360 u200bu200bOS Great God Note3 also has a WeChat avatar and face age camera function, which makes the phone more practical and more interesting, further enhance the playability of the great god Note3, and make the machine more attractive.

Such an outstanding god Note3 is fully opened to buy, which has brought great convenience to user purchases. The Great God Note3 will definitely take over the heroes and win the double 11,000 yuan machine and double champion!