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Fengshang Air conference selling point forward -looking ultra -thin fingerprint ecological model

Tomorrow Fengshang Air will be officially released. Although its specific release time and place have not yet been exposed, the selling point of the machine has been fully exposed. Today we are here to make a comprehensive summary of its exposed selling points, and make a simple preheating for tomorrow’s watch conference.

First of all, the appearance, the Coolpad Fengshang AIR mainly focuses on 3.6mm to the thin body. Thickness makes the fuselage look more delicate. Fengshang Air uses plastic fuselage, but the interior uses a high -strength stainless steel architecture, the fuselage strength increases by 60%, and the stretching capacity is increased by 45%.

In terms of hardware configuration, the machine has a 5 -inch screen, equipped with MT6735M processor, memory configuration 1GB RAM+16GB ROM. The front of 2 million+rear 8 -megapixel lens can meet the basic photography needs of users. Although the 16GB configuration is not much in the mid -to -high -end models, the low -end model is definitely a rare high -equipped, which can store enough audio and video materials for you.

Cool Fengshang Air will inherit the characteristics of the Fengshang family and become an ecological model with built -in massive ecological content! In September this year, Coolpad released its first one Ecological model Fengshang 2, and for the first time, proposed a new ecological concept of u0026 ldquo; hardware ecology+channel ecology+content ecology+user ecology u0026 rdquo;. The same as Fengshang Air and Feng Shang 2 binds one -on -one membership cards in LeTV. Fengshang Air users can become LeTV members for free in the first year, and directly enjoy LeTV’s unique high -quality resources in video content.

The touch interface on the back of the Cool Feng Shang AIR is a wise and cool key similar to ZTE Xiaoxian 2, just one press, you can perform camera fast shooting; Answer, hanging off calls; quickly turning on applications such as fast keys, but not fingerprint recognition modules. In addition, Fengshang Air will also have a unique privacy space, and the Zhitu cool key can switch to make your information more secure.