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Difficult Double Eleven mobile phone category Xiaomi can still win the sales crown

Double Eleven is approaching, all netizens have prepared money, and all manufacturers have set off for discounts, only to be crazy for Double Eleven days. In the days before these 11 eleven arrival, except for the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, in the preheating marketing propaganda, industry insiders such as Xiaobian are also predicting the information obtained by various channels to predict this year’s Double Eleven Eleven this year. Ranking of mobile phone brands.

Many netizens may say that Xiaomi, as the largest domestic e -commerce mobile phone brand, has won the sales champion of Double Eleven mobile phone categories for several years. Does this year’s champion still use predictions? Obviously it will be Xiaomi! If you think so, then it is really u0026 ldquo; graphic Tusson Po u0026 rdquo;.

The secret of Xiaomi success

It is undeniable that Xiaomi has achieved excellent results during the Double Eleven in previous years. However, Xiaomi can achieve such excellent results. It is not how good Xiaomi’s products are, but because it took the lead in seizing the Internet mobile phone market. Founded in April 2010, Xiaomi is definitely a pioneer of Internet mobile phone brands. In the face of the huge blank market of Internet mobile phones, Xiaomi did not rush to release mobile phone products. Instead, it first used the MIUI system to establish a fan base of the player, and then launched the product concept of u0026 ldquo; Xiaomi mobile phone with top hardware. Therefore, Xiaomi’s biggest credit should be its excellent online marketing method, not its products itself.

Xiaomi’s advantage is no longer

However, with the continuous development of the domestic mobile phone industry in recent years, new Internet mobile phone brands have emerged. And Xiaomi’s marketing model has gradually been well known, and the competition between Internet mobile phone brands has become a hard -to -power competition. On the hardware, with the brightization of the mobile phone hardware supply chain, Xiaomi u0026 ldquo; the concept of born u0026 rdquo; for a fever has also become empty words, such as the MTK Helio X10 processor equipped with Redmi Note2, in just two months in just two months Later, it appeared on the same positioning of the low -end charm blue Matel. On the software, MIUI also gradually began to break away from users, and now users prefer to control freedom and pure systems. The optimization update of MIUI7 becomes more irresistible and itchy, and even pre -installed software such as Didi taxi is implanted. Compare the main safety, brisk, and power -saving 360OS system launched by the new mobile phone brand Qiku Technology. MIUI’s software advantage has become disappeared.

Xiaomi’s disadvantage is shown

With the disappearance of Xiaomi’s advantages, its disadvantage has become more prominent. The first is the product quality problem. Since Xiaomi is a company that is born in the Internet, its products are produced by foundries, so Xiaomi has a weak control of its product quality. According to the survey of 80%of the Xiaomi user response, Xiaomi mobile phones have batteriesIt is easy to get hot, motherboards and call functions such as poor mobile phone quality problems. The second is poor after -sales service. Because Xiaomi is an Internet company, there are fewer offline after -sales sites, and after -sales service cannot keep up well. These shortcomings have further restricted Xiaomi’s development.

But the most chilling is not the quality and after -sales problems of Xiaomi mobile phones, but in order to achieve better publicity results, Xiaomi openly deceives consumers and promotes the Tianmaping used by Redmi Note2 as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp as Sharp. /AUO screen. This approach is the really cold heart.

Join the strong competitor

This year’s Double Eleven, in addition to the problems in Xiaomi, there are also many powerful Internet mobile phone brands in China, such as Honor, Meizu, Great God, Strange Cool waiting. In particular, the new Internet mobile phone brand is cool. Its products not only have excellent configuration, but also have many unique innovations in appearance, camera, and systems. It fully demonstrates the vitality and innovation of a new machine mobile phone brand.

Therefore, under the problem of internal and external problems, whether Xiaomi can win the Double Eleven again, Xiaobian expressed doubts here.