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Buying machines are more convenient, Kuku mobile phone double eleven is open to buy

The prelude to the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival has been opened, and the mobile phone manufacturers have also launched various preferential activities. Among them, the most attractive is the Kuku mobile phone. It is understood that millions of Qiku mobile phones (youth, flagship) are fully opened to purchase during the Double Eleven period, which brings more convenience for users to buy. Below, let’s take a look at the Qiku mobile phone together!

The appearance design of the Qiku mobile phone youth version is simple and stylish, with capable lines, with 2.48mm ultra -narrow bezel, the screen ratio is extremely high, the visual perception is very very visual, outstanding. The flagship version of Qiku mobile phone uses minimalist design concepts and has added 2.5D curved glass, which has excellent visual effects. The aircraft also has a 1.4mm extremely narrow bezel, which has reached 83%of the world’s largest effective screen ratio, which greatly improves one -handed operation. At the same time, the back of the flagship version of Qiku mobile phone uses 165 u0026 deg; palm arc design makes the machine feel more outstanding. In addition, both mobile phones use a metal body design with full texture, making the phone more delicate. In addition to excellent appearance design, the configuration of the two mobile phones is also very powerful, which can easily meet the daily use of users.

It is worth mentioning that the flagship version of the Qiku mobile phone uses the world’s first color+black and white night vision dual camera. The back of the mobile phone is equipped with 2 13 -megapixel cameras One is a color camera and the other is a black and white night view camera. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with a leading closed -loop focusing motor to make the mobile phone focus very fast. The strong camera performance of Qiku mobile phone flagship version can bring the ultimate camera experience to users.

In terms of the system, both mobile phones are equipped with powerful 360 OS. 360 OS is based on Android 5.1.1 in -depth optimization, focusing on safety, lightness and power saving. 360 OS brings great security protection to users’ mobile payment through the original property isolation system. At the same time, 360 OS can effectively control the application of the application from the bottom layer of the system. The refrigerant room function can freeze the unusual application to bring the user’s feel -brisk machine experience. In addition, the 360 u200bu200bOS for the background process defense and the bottom layer of the system to prohibit APP from starting optimization, allowing the phone to have a good battery life. In addition, the 360 u200bu200bOS also has the functions of heat source tracking technology and supporting pre -installation unloading, which all make Qiku mobile phones very powerful, bringing users a good experience. The Kuku mobile phone equipped with 360 OS also has the function of face age and WeChat avatars. Face -age photos can show the age of the person when taking pictures, making the phone very interesting. The WeChat avatar function allows a mobile phone to run two WeChat perfectly, which meets the user’s demand for dual WeChat, which is very practical.

The minimum price of Qiku mobile phone youth version is only 999 yuan, while the flagship version starts from 1999 yuan. I have to say that both mobile phones are very good in both design and configuration. Powerful and practical mobile phone functions, do you add points to the machine?few.The price and millions of spot make the machine attractive.With these advantages, Qiku mobile phone will be shined during Double Eleven!