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Almighty big coffee is coming to Blue Devils MOS1 MAX spot starting

u0026 quot; Almighty big coffee u0026 quot; Blue Devils MOS1 MAX mobile phone has attracted many magic silk since its release on October 28. Its ultra -long battery life, exquisite appearance, HIFI sound quality experience, split screen function, one -machine multi -use highlights have attracted a lot of praise. Just the end of Double Eleven, the Blue Devils MOS1 MAX u0026 Quot; Monthly Silver u0026 Quot;, u0026 Quot; Xia Sakura Fan u0026 Quot;, u0026 Quot; Champagne Gold u0026 Quot;, u0026 Quot; Starry Gray; , Tmall Sannet Synchronous launch, the price is 2799 yuan.

Fashion Big Coffee-All-metal+double-curved surface+three-sided crystal edges

Blue Devils MOS1 MAX unique in appearance design, back based on integrated all-metal body design The front uses a 2.5D curved glass screen, which matches the rear cover of the curved surface metal. The double arc shape brings a more fitted grip feeling. The metal body is treated with 260 mesh fine sand sandblasting, which is delicate.

In addition, on the basis of continuing MOS1’s middle frame design style, MOS1 MAX adopts a more concise three -sided crystal medium frame design, and the actual key on both sides of the frame uses 3.3N intensity and 0.3mm height to avoid errors. It brings more comfortable and pressing at the same time. The innovative design of the power key and the volume of the power key and the volume uses symmetrical design, which can be easily taken with one hand. The blue demon MOS1 MAX has a stylish appearance, and is particular about the details, pursuing the humanized experience, and won the favor of the magic.

Endurance Big Coffee-6010MAH capacity battery, fast charge technology, magic soft and hard-and-hard all-in-one power saving technology

Blue Devil MOS1 MAX uses 6010mAh ultra-large capacity BYD safe battery supports large current fast charging technology, shortening the charging time by 40%. MOS1 MAX is supplemented by the Blue Devils Monergy Magic Soft and Hard -to -Integrated power -saving technology. The battery life increases by 20%at the same capacity. It also supports Moui 2.0 multi -level power -saving mode. The battery life is better, which is 2 to 3 times more battery life than ordinary smartphones.

In addition to the large capacity of the Blue Devils MOS1 MAX, 32 rigorous safety testing of 32 strict safety tests such as burning, piercing, squeezing, high temperature, microwave baking, and falling down You can use it with confidence. In addition, thanks to the 650WH/L high -energy density design, the thinnest part of the MOS1 MAX body is only 6mm, and the high power and thin body are available.

Audiovisual Coffee-6.44-inch 1080P full HD screen+HIFI sound quality

6.44 inches used in MOS1 MAX1920 u0026 times; 1080 resolution full high -definition screen is tailored by first -class suppliers such as Sharp and AUO. The screen uses LTPS low -temperature polysilicon screen technology, which shows transparent and natural and has extremely low power consumption. Supplemented by the new Miravision image display technology, bringing more vivid and bright display effects, it is still clear and visible in the sun. At the same time, MOS1 MAX has a built -in industry top HIFI audio decoding chip, which uses Smart PA intelligent effects, large volume and pure sound quality, and exquisitely create aater -level audiovisual experience.

Cool Play Big Coffee-Small screen function, suspension window function, dual WeChat function, etc.

MOS1 MAX configured 64-bit speed 8-core processing Instrument, 3GB RAM+32GB ROM oversized storage space, and Sony 8 -megapixel front+13 million pixel rear camera. At the same time, the MOS1 Max is equipped with a newly upgraded Moui 2.0 customization system with unique split screen and suspension window function, which can be applied more at the same time. In addition, MOS1 MAX has launched a dual WeChat function, which realizes dual WeChat and landing and operation functions. In terms of the Internet, the Blue Devil MOS1 MAX supports mobile, Unicom dual -card dual -standby dual 4G to better meet the different needs of users, and truly achieve a multi -purpose use.
Users who like u0026 quot; are exquisitely designed, long battery life, outstanding configuration u0026 quot; mobile phones can pay close attention to the mobile phone, currently u0026 quot; all -round big coffee u0026 quot; Blue Devils MOS1 MAX new product is priced at 2799 yuan, on the Blue Devils official website , JD.com and Tmall’s spot buying. Friends who like this new product can be snapped up, and there are good gifts waiting for you!

JD.com purchase website: http://sale.jd.com/act/0xwsnqmpb8ki .html

Blue Demon’s official website purchase website: http://www.ramos.com.cn/product/mos1_max/preorder.html
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