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Alibaba has responded to JD.com’s real -name report and reported the duck

In response to the recent real -name reports of JD.com disrupting the order of the e -commerce market, on November 4th, a spokesman for Tmall Double Eleven Preparatory Committee Fang Ya said that the market needs entertainment spirit, but it cannot only stay in the spirit of entertainment.

According to the West China Metropolis Daily, Fangya said: u0026 ldquo; The market is inevitable that there are hype, but they cannot always stay on the hype, let alone touch porcelain and fried tea as a career. u0026 rdquo; The market does not believe in tears. The market needs to openly compete in the fair and fair sunshine. To be an enterprise, it is necessary to face the reality and courage.

u0026 ldquo; We respect the real -name report, but today it was a chicken real name reported ducks, saying that the duck monopolized the lake. We will continue to expand at the leading advantages of price, express speed, after -sales service, and continue to surpass the expectations of ourselves and customers in terms of product quality advantages. u0026 rdquo;

On November 3, JD report to the real name of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to disturb the order of the e -commerce market, saying that it continues to receive information from merchant, reflecting Alibaba Group in u0026 ldquo; Double Eleven u0026 rdquo; The second choice of one u0026 rdquo;

Then Alibaba responded that Jingdong was u0026 ldquo; It is unhappy.

Alibaba said that the final solution for competition is to let consumers choose. Tmall is more realistic, better service, lower price, and faster logistics. It is the natural result of corporate strength. Any competition must face the reality, don’t transfer the topic, I believe everyone can understand the reason.

In this regard, JD.com has not given further response.