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After the Great God Double Eleven won the prize, the joy is worthy of praise

This year’s Tmall Double Eleven has come to an end. In the most competitive smartphone industry, the top of the top of the top list is still quite interesting: the former China Cool Federation has only Huawei, Samsung is missing. Of course, the most amazing thing is the list of the Great God. And the Great God won the 2015 Double Eleven u0026 LDQUO; the new brand lead award u0026 rdquo; in the new brand field, Qiku Great won the double champion of mobile phone sales and sales. For a u0026 ldquo; young u0026 rdquo; Internet mobile phone brand, it is not easy to be among the top domestic mobile phone markets in the country. Moreover, the new location of the Qiku God’s office has also confirmed u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; It can be described as double joy.

It is no exaggeration to say that the young mobile phone brand is young, and it is also the world’s attention to achieve the achievement of the double eleven this year. The two major mobile phone manufacturers headed by Huawei and Xiaomi u0026 ldquo; I have a good strength behind the sweetness u0026 rdquo; At the product level, a series of mobile phones headed by the Great God Note3 are all recognized u0026 ldquo; flagship killer u0026 rdquo;, low -priced and high -priced matching, showing outstanding performance. Maybe someone will ask the low -cost and high -profile strategy is not Xiaomi’s u0026 ldquo; stunt u0026 rdquo; of course, this u0026 ldquo; matching u0026 rdquo; not just refers to the configuration, but for consumers to experience the complete functions. The Great God Note3 brought fingerprint recognition technology into a thousand yuan files. During the Double Eleven period, it was a hundred yuan. I have to say that it is u0026 ldquo; The 360OS of the Great God Note3 is better than the mainstream system in the market. For example, MIUI and Flyme are claimed to be well optimized, but the 360OS dual WeChat and face age photos brought more practical and interesting experiences that the two are too late for the two. The success of the big god’s mobile phone has become u0026 ldquo; for granted u0026 rdquo;.

Double Eleven’s domestic smartphone market pattern mutations, Citi little girl (Huaqi Xiaomei) takes over the China Cool Federation. At present, Samsung is not as big as before, u0026 ldquo; Give it to u0026 ldquo; Citi u0026 rdquo;. Can the great god mobile phone of the new home bring new surprises to the industry? It is worthy of being optimistic.