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After Double Eleven, you need to know how many things are about domestic mobile phones

[Chinese faction report] Double Eleven has passed. Many domestic mobile phone manufacturers have made a lot of money in less than half a month, especially Honor and Xiaomi and Meizu. Sales, they have made a lot of money in terms of sales or sip. Although some e -commerce platform promotions have been continued for several days, this big carnival is over, and we have a bit of time thinking about some problems behind Double Eleven.

From the perspective of data, this year’s Double Eleven is very successful. On the day of Double Eleven, Tmall achieved a record of 91.2 billion yuan in sales, which increased by 26.84%compared to the sales of Double 11.9 billion yuan in 2014. This number is surprising. As far as the mobile phone product is concerned, Tmall has reached a sales volume of about 3 million units on the day of Double Eleven, and JD.com also reached a monthly sales of 2.87 million units. These data refresh the sales record of the Double Eleven last year. When the major manufacturers released the battle report, we saw that they were all a variety of u0026 ldquo; first u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; the first name u0026 rdquo;, u0026 ldquo; This is also enough to show that various manufacturers value the promotion of the e -commerce platform such as Double Eleven. Of course, this is the official tone. Let’s take a look at the things behind u0026 ldquo; Floral u0026 rdquo;.

A thousand yuan machine is still the absolute main force

There is a phenomenon worthy of attention, that is, mobile phone manufacturers rarely announce the sales and sales of mobile phones at the same time at the same time These two numbers. The willingness is simple, that is, they don’t want you to know the average price. However, let’s analyze the data given by Tmall. Calculated with the sales of more than 3 million Tmall mobile phones published by Alibaba and the sales of about 3.5 billion yuan, the average selling price is more than 1,100 yuan. This is still considered to be u0026 ldquo; I have been participating in u0026 rdquo; Apple, which is not an Apple mobile phone, the average selling price will be reduced, I am afraid that it will be less than 1,000 yuan. Because the high price of Apple mobile phones will increase the average overall value, which is the u0026 ldquo; we are common in GDP; In other words, the main force of mobile phone sales in Double Eleven Carnival is still a thousand yuan files, which contains Redmi Note2, Redmi 2A, Charm Blue Metal, Qiku mobile phone youth version, Great God Note3, Honor Play 5X, etc. Wait for the entry model.

The effectiveness of the high -end strategy is not obvious

In 2015, we saw that many manufacturers launched its mid -to -high -end models. Xiaomi has Xiaomi Note series, ZTE has a Tianji series, Nubia has Z9 series, Meizu has PRO5, and so on. However, the average price of Double Eleven mobile phone categories is only a thousand yuan, which shows that the so -called mid -high -end models launched by these brandsIt did not open the market quickly, in other words, it still failed to change its brand’s low -end positioning.

The cruel reality is that no matter what kind of gorgeous parameters and propaganda these so -called mid -to -high -end products have, only the price reduction can increase the sales slightly. Most domestic brands sell the hottest is low -end models. This can be concluded to a certain extent, that is, the high -end strategy of most manufacturers does not go well, and the brand itself is still struggling in the low -end quagmire. Although the sales of low -end machines are powerful, in the long run, it is not conducive to the improvement of brand value.

There are always people with a lot of money

Double Eleven is one of the best marketing events for domestic brands, which will inevitably appear various unpleasant voices. The Xiaomi brush order, glory order, and Meizu order incident exposed by successively exposed are the best examples. Whether it is really the order or not, the news broke the news to a large extent. The purpose of making money has been achieved. In the early stage, there was also the first thing that Glory and Xiaomi competed, which explained that domestic manufacturers value the Double Eleven.

But there are still some brands that make a big money that make a lot of money. The first one is Apple. u0026 ldquo; I was participated in u0026 rdquo; even if the apple of Double Eleven did not decrease hundreds of dollars every hundred yuan, it can still get the amazing results of brand sales and fourth brand sales; in addition In the 11th middle school, and once ranked fifth in sales, it was only surpassed by the Great Cool God at 0:00 on the 12th day of Double Eleven. Apple and OPPO do not have other brands of marketing models that are urgent white faces, and they are not similar to mutual poisoning. Why these two can u0026 ldquo; It is the brand value and premium ability.

The business of mobile phone manufacturers’ business

The competition between Xiaomi and Honor this year is very fierce, and Xiaomi’s sales decline to a certain extent related to glory. Honor 7/7i, Play 5X and other products have formed a benchmark with Xiaomi 4C and Redmi Note2, which gave Xiaomi a lot of pressure. Looking at Xiaomi’s performance in 2015, there are basically no innovative actions in the mobile phone business. There is no selling point such as fingerprint recognition, metal body, and long battery life. The sales volume of Double Eleven can also be seen. The above -mentioned bidding products are still more popular. But in Double Eleven, Xiaomi not only bought a mobile phone, but also sold its smart products. Xiaomi sockets, Xiaomi weight scale, Xiaomi TV, etc. can be regarded as Xiaomi’s new profit growth point.

A person in the industry once said that u0026 ldquo; Xiaomi has been on the road of department stores. This road is difficult to go, but after Xiaomi mobile phone encounters the challenge, this road has to go u0026 rdquo;EssenceThis time, Double Eleven is very obvious. Xiaomi mobile phones have encountered strong challenges, but Xiaomi’s various additional products sell well.However, to the establishment of ecology, Xiaomi is still owed to the fire, and the correlation between various products is too poor.Now paying attention to u0026 ldquo; all things interconnection u0026 rdquo; and Xiaomi’s interconnection is obviously a bit narrow.

Xiaomi is not an example.Meizu, LeTV, Qiku God, etc. are all selling additional products, not to mention whether it is the so -called smart product. This phenomenon means that the diversification of mobile phone manufacturers’ business has already appeared and will develop profoundly in the future.The capacity of the mobile phone market is limited, and the needs of users are not endless. Traditional mobile phone business will inevitably face development bottlenecks. At this time, the development of mobile phone peripherals and smart devices is a good strategy to seek breakthroughs.As for whether this new soil will become a scorched soil, it is hard to say.